This exam certifies administrators who demonstrate the skills required to manage a G Suite domain.

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Administrator exam


Before taking the exam, we recommend that you have a minimum of six months experience managing a G Suite domain with a minimum of 50 users.

Getting started

The best preparation for the Administrator exam is your experience managing a G Suite domain. Your work should involve daily user support, troubleshooting typical user issues, adding and removing users, setting up and managing groups, managing calendars and resources, managing email routes, and managing G Suite services by organizational unit.

To learn G Suite Administration and prepare for the exam, see the Administrator course.

Exam format

The Administrator exam is taken in the Admin console of a live domain specifically created for the exam. As a super administrator, you'll be given a series of problems to solve using the Admin console. An application, called the Examinator, controls access to the exam problems and domain.

Administrator exam topics

This G Suite Administrator exam measures your ability to accomplish the technical tasks listed below. The percentages indicate the relative weight of the topics on the exam. The higher the percentage, the more questions you're likely to see on that content area.

Section 1
User creation, deletion, and administration



Create new users manually, in bulk, and via invitation



Demonstrate how to rename users, move users, add/remove nicknames, and suspend users



Demonstrate how to delete users, retain data files for deleted users, and restore recently deleted users



Use System Roles to delegate administration duties to users in a domain, including custom administration roles



Demonstrate how to reset a user password, force the user to change their password, and monitor the strength of user passwords


Section 2
Organizational units



Demonstrate how to create and use organizational units to manage users, groups, and security settings



Demonstrate how to manage G Suite services by organizational unit


Section 3
G Suite services and organizational access



Demonstrate how to configure sharing settings, storage requirements for Drive



Demonstrate how to use Chrome policies for devices and users



Demonstrate how to manage domain and organization level settings for G Suite services



Demonstrate how to use reports to determine services use, troubleshoot system issues, and to improve domain security


Section 4
Mail delivery, routing, and filtering



Demonstrate how to configure G Suite to manage mail routing



Demonstrate how to manage approved or reject sender lists and whitelist senders by domain and IP addresses



Demonstrate how to apply security best practices to email including transmit mail via a secure connection based on system rules



Demonstrate how to filter messages based on general compliance settings, content, and attachment settings


Section 5
Calendar settings and resources



Create and share a group calendar, set-up calendar sharing options, and delegate calendar access



Demonstrate how to create and manage calendar resources


Section 6
Mobile policies and device management



Demonstrate how to use G Suite Mobile Management to manage Android and Google Sync devices



Demonstrate how to reset user access and prevent access from a lost mobile device


Section 7



Demonstrate how to use exception groups to manage security options by organizational unit



Demonstrate how to configure SSO, OAuth, and 2-step verification


Section 8



Create a group that will be used as a shared mailbox for a group of users, Q & A Forums, and distribution lists



Demonstrate how to add, edit, disable, and delete a group, and prevent users from seeing other members of the group, and administer group roles



Demonstrate how to share docs, sites, and videos using groups



Demonstrate how to use Groups for Business to manage permissions and group settings


Questions about taking the exam

How to register for the Administrator exam

  1. Create a Kryterion account or sign in if you've already taken a G Suite exam.
  2. From the home page, go directly to Step 3. Skip the steps to install Sentinel and enroll in Biometrics.
  3. Register for an exam. You'll receive an email receipt for your registration.
  4. Add admin@myenterprisecert.org to your contacts. You'll be invited to take your exam by this email sender when your exam domain is provisioned (this may take up to 24 hours).
  5. Look for an email from Google Examinator (admin@myenterprisecert.org) with your exam sign-in credentials.
  6. Sign in to the Examinator application with your exam sign-in credentials and start your exam.

When should I register for my exam?

Register for your exam (see step 1 above) a couple of days before you want to take it. This will give the Examinator application time to provision your domain. Once you've registered, an exam domain is created specifically for you. The exam domain is live for 7 days starting from when the email invite was sent to you. Your email invite includes the time and date by which you must complete the exam. You should add admin@myenterprisecert.org to your Contacts to ensure this email isn't marked as spam.

I didn't get an email with my exam invitation. What should I do?

First check your spam mailbox to see if the email invite from the Google Examinator (admin@myenterprisecert.org) was filtered. Second, check your registration receipt from donotreply@kryteriononline for the email we used for your exam. If you have a completed registration with the correct email address, and you've received nothing from Examinator within 2 business days, please contact support@myenterprisecert.org.

Why the delay between registration and exam readiness?

After you register for the exam, we must configure a G Suite domain, provision user accounts, and proliferate account settings. This is done by robots and usually takes a day, but it can take up to 48 hours. Once the exam domain is ready, you have 7 days to start and complete the exam.

What does an exam cost and what do I get when I pass?

The Administrator exam costs $100. When you pass the exam, you'll receive an official G Suite Certified Administrator certificate and electronic badges you can use on your online profiles and business cards.

What kind of webcam will I need for the Administrator exam?

You don't need a special webcam for the Administrator exam—your laptop or desktop webcam will work fine. Please make sure you're in a well-lit location during your exam so that your webcam can take good pictures of you. Before you start your exam, you'll need to take a picture of yourself; this will be used on your certificate in the future. During the exam, we take pictures of you at random times. These pictures are used to ensure that you are, indeed, the same test taker throughout the exam.

How long do I have to complete the exam?

Once the exam domain is provisioned and you receive an email invitation from the Examinator, you have 7 days to launch your exam. Once you start, you have two hours to complete and submit your domain for grading.

What happens if I can't take the exam within the 7-day window?

If you don't sign in and start your exam during the exam window, the exam will record you as a “no-show” and your registration will be lost. You'll need to start the registration process over, and repurchase the exam ($100).

Can Google reschedule my exam if I can't take it during the 7-day window?

No. Once the exam domain is provisioned, we cannot reschedule. You'll need to start over with the registration process and pay for another exam session.

How is the exam scored?

The exam is machine graded by the Examinator application using API calls. You'll receive only a Pass or Fail status within a couple of minutes of submitting the exam/domain for grading.

Will my exam be proctored?

The Administrator exam is not proctored, but during the exam, the Examinator application randomly captures pictures of the test taker (you!). We use those test taker photos to verify that the test taker is the same individual throughout the exam. We also use the webcam photo on the certificate in the future (smile pretty). We recommend that you take the exam in a quiet, well-lit place, where you won't be interrupted for 2 hours.

Do I have to sign in immediately to start the exam?

You don't have to start your exam immediately. You have 7 days from the time the invitation email is sent to complete the exam. Once you start the exam, you must complete it in 2 hours.

How are the exam questions delivered?

When you sign in to the Examinator application with your exam credentials, you'll see links to the problems for your exam. You won't have access to those documents until you click Start Exam. When you start the exam, your user account permissions are authorized to view the problem documents. The documents contain scenarios that require you to configure solutions in the Admin console. When you submit the exam, your access privileges to the documents are removed and the exam is graded.

When will I receive my results?

You'll receive a pass or fail result within a few minutes of submitting your exam.

What happens if I pass?

When you pass the exam, you'll see an onscreen notification that you've passed, and 1–2 business days later you'll receive an email from donotreply@kryteriononline with your electronic certificate and G Suite Certified Administrator logo files. To maintain your certification, you'll need to recertify every 18 months. For more information about recertification requirements, see Certification Policies.

What happens if I fail?

If you fail the exam you'll see an onscreen notification and, based on the results of your exam, you'll receive an email with suggested areas of study. You're eligible to re-take the exam in 14 days. Each attempt at the exam costs $100.

What happens if I lose connectivity during my exam?

If you lose connectivity or if you're logged out of the exam session for any reason, just log back in and continue; no work is lost. The exam clock will continue to count down. Your exam won't pause if you lose connectivity. We recommend taking the exam only where you have stable internet connectivity. We also recommend that you Pin the tab (in Chrome) of the Examinator page, so that if you get logged out, you can easily go back.

How should I prepare for the exam?

Experience managing a G Suite domain is the best preparation for the Administrator exam. Your work should involve day-to-day user support, troubleshooting typical user issues, adding and removing users, setting up and managing groups, managing calendars and resources, managing email routes, and managing G Suite services by organizational unit.

See the Administrator exam topics for more details. We also recommend completing the Administrator course.

If I experience issues registering for my exam, who should I contact?

If you encountered an issue during registration, please contact Kryterion at 1-866-227-7116 or 1-602-714-8235. For test takers outside of the United States and Canada, you may use chat from the test taker home page. When your exam domain is ready, or while taking an exam, you can use our email contact form Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time (PT).

What are the program policies?

Please see Certification Policies.